Friday, October 3, 2008

feeling blessed

I want to share somewhat of a personal experience. I was having a hard time this morning, feeling overwhelmed and a little depressed. So I knelt down and was having my morning prayers. As I knelt there feeling down and sorry for myself, I heard the swooshing sound of a diaper coming down the hall. I looked up to see my sweet little baby with a great big smile on her face staring at me. It just hit me how blessed we really are. I am so greatful for my family. I have been blessed with 3 great children and a wonderful husband, that I love so dearly. We have a good life...even if things don't always go perfect. I know that my Heavenly Father loves me and is always aware of the trials we are going through. It is so comforting knowing that he is always there for me. He always answers my prayers and comforts me when I am in need!


Jason and Jessie said...

Trina, I totally know how you feel. With Braden and Carter being so close in age I have definitely felt a little overwhelmed. I also know what a blessing it is to have our little ones. Especially when they are as cute as our kids are! It is crazy how they can be the ones to put us in a bad mood and also bring a smile to our face!
By the way... cute pictures!

Emily Vickery said...

Trina- I feel so blessed to know you! You are a great person and inspire me in so many ways. Hope you have a fun weekend! If you need a laugh, go to my sisters blog page ( the allen family) and read the story about the riding horses- they are so crazy! take care, em

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