Thursday, October 30, 2008

nap time

I have never been a very good mom at putting my kids down for a nap. Well, I won't put them down until they are asleep, because I can't let them cry themselves to sleep. So, usually I will rock them to sleep, but sometimes they just can't wait for their slow mom. Here are some cute pics of Brooke falling asleep before I am able to put her down. I thought they were pretty cute!


Alli said...

She's so sweet!

Mosers said...

I wish that was my child.. he won't nap. I use to have to put him in his room, put the dresser in front of the closet to keep him out of the toys, and shut the door... basically bore him to sleep. These are cute pics!

Tiffani Dawn Tarbet said...

Oh, Brookie's so cute!

the nice one said...

i love these pics! my aunt always said let them lay there where they fell asleep and never never change them in to pj's if they fall a sleep before bedtime

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