Thursday, May 26, 2011

The baby got stiches...

Yesterday we were playing outside and I was heading in the house with Bella behind me. I was holding the front door open, waiting for her to come in, and she tripped and fell and hit her forehead right on the first concrete stair.

I knew it meant stitches the second I saw her laying there, because I saw the blood immediately gushing out of her know how head wounds bleed! Thank heavens for my wonderful neighbor, who was over at the time. She took me and Bella to the Urgent care, and we met Boyd there. It only took 4 stitches, but it wasn't fun holding her down...but it happens.

Now all 3 of my girls have had stitches in their heads....Brooke twice. Micah has been the lucky one....knock on wood!

I am just grateful for good doctors!!

This is after the stiches...I got one shot of it before, but it is on my phone....I don't know how to get it off yet! You know me and phones! :)

She got quite a bit attention from her siblings....and mom and dad!

Poor baby!

Poor Bella, she really doesn't have the best balance. She seems to fall more than all of my kids combined!! Hopefully that doesn't mean this is only the beginning!!

Monday, May 9, 2011

My mother's day!!

I woke up to this on the table from my sweetie pie!
Some flowers and a note!

Then breakfast in bed from the kids!

I love these kidos!!

This is a present that Megan got for me. She made it at activity day. It was super cute. It was some bath salts and the scrubber made to look like an ice cream sundae! So cute!!

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