Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Colds, coughs, flu, and don't forget throwing up!

Well, it is only the middle of October and we are already fighting the cold and flu. We have been sick with colds, and coughs for a couple of weeks now. We are finally getting to the end of our colds and tonight Megan just threw up all over the family room! Hooray! Just what I wanted to clean up tonight. Kids can be so hard sometimes, especially when they are sick. So I am looking forward to having this sickness make it's way through the family. Throwing up is the worst too because with little kids, it could end up anywhere. Anyway, that is what has been happening in the Rowe family the last week!


Mosers said...

Here Here I agree...since I had Peyton 7 weeks ago I've had Mastitis twice the flu made it's rounds a few times in 2 weeks...then strep..and I don't know what I have now... sore throat and headache...probably strep! yeah!! Some years are just worse than others!! I feel your pain and sleepless nights!

Emily Vickery said...

Hey Trina! I was impressed you were at church on sunday because I knew you had been sick; my kids are hard enough when they are perfectly healthy, let alone when they are throwing up, etc. Poor Megan. I hope she is doing better. We do need to go on a date together(no hubbies;)to see Mama Mia, but it is somewhere in limbo between expensive theatre and cheap theatre. So I'll keep watching for it. In the meantime, please get better and think of something to do to my crazy hair!!!

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