Saturday, January 24, 2009

I love a good deal!!!

Me and Megan went shopping over to Penny's yesterday, and we happened onto a great sale. They were having buy one clearance item and get another free! The clearance items are so cheap!! We bought 2 sweaters, a High school musical sweat suit, 3 long sleeve shirts, 2 short sleeve shirts, 2 Hannah Montana bracelets, and 2 High school musical bracelets...all for under $30. I was so excited because Megan's birthday is coming up and we really needed to get some clothes for her. I love Penny's sales...they are the best! I don't know when the sale ends, but I suggest you go and check it out before all the good stuff is gone!!

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Jason and Jessie said...

I totally cought that sale as well! Our family must be bargain shoppers! By the way, I loved your post about Boyd farting, haha. I can totally see him doing that as well. Jason would probably be doing it on purpose though, knowing him.

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