Thursday, January 15, 2009

Catching up

I am so upset, because my digital camera isn't working right now...hence no posts lately. I don't know what is the matter with it, but it isn't working at all. I am so upset, because the camera is not very old. Anyway, I will try and post what is happening in our lives regardless of the camera situation. My family is coming Friday through Saturday. The girls are going on a girls day out Saturday...with out kids!!! I am really excited. So we have that to look forward to. Also, Boyd's Grandpa passed away this week. His funeral is on Friday, so we will get to see his good thing about funerals. Other than that we have just been trudging away at life. Megan and Micah have been at each others always, which makes me crazy. That's life, I know. But they have said some really cute things lately. On Sundays we don't let the kids watch TV or play computer or video games, which makes them really not look forward to Sundays. Anyway, last Sunday Micah was asking if he could play video games, computer games, or watch TV, and I told him no. He got a funny look on his face, then asked, "Well can I at least play a Jesus computer game then?" I thought that was so funny! Then I was talking to Megan last night and I was asking her about her friends, and who she plays with. I asked her if she was popular...not that it really matters, more curiouse what she would say but, I wasn't expecting this. She rolled her eyes and said, "Oh mom, yes, I am sooooo popular. All of the kids just all want to play with me. " I then said, "Well, isn't that good?" She responded, "NO, it get's so annoying. They all follow me all over on recess wanting to play with me, I don't know what to do!" I had to chuckle, I didn't know being popular was such an annoyance. I guess I have a thing or two to learn about being a child. Since it was forever since I was one! :)


Tiffani Dawn Tarbet said...

That is so funny about Megan, I can totally picture everyone following her around the playground! At least now you know she's popular, there is no question about it.

Jeremy and Debbie said...

Bummer about your camera! I get so frustrated when mine isn't working correctly! I guess I should just be grateful it is still working! :)
I hope you get it figures out soon. Good luck with the kids, don't get to worn out!

Jenny said...

I'm sorry about Boyd's Grandpa. That is so funny what Micah and Megan said. Cracks me up!

Jason and Jessie said...

I am sorry to hear about your camera. That sucks! I would go insane! I love taking pics of my kids. I guess that I don't remember what it was like to be popular. I always loved when people wanted to play with me. Maybe because it didn't happen very often! Your kids are so cute!

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