Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Brooke dancing

Brooke was jammin out to the music. I hurried and grabbed the camera, but of coarse she wouldn't do it as good. It was still really cute though. She has such a cute personality!


Jenny said...

So cute!!! She looks like she has such a cute little personality! Your kids are so cute.

Alli said...

You're on my blog - come check out the memories!!

Jessie said...

Trina! Your kids are so dang cute. I love the video of Brooke dancing. What a goof ball!

Emily Vickery said...

Hey Trina! Brooke is so very cute; her and cambell are going to cause lots of trouble in nursery!:) I like your blog design and am excited to keep in touch even though I already call you like three times a day! Thanks for being such a fun friend- you are one of the nicest, genuine people I have met. Take care and see you on Friday for a fun run. (don't worry, I'll protect you-haha)

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