Friday, December 31, 2010

The Christmas season!

Making a gingerbread house!

Bella was so excited about opening you can tell!!
The kids opened up pjs and pillowpets that I made for them!

sBella got a bumble bee, Micah got a penguin, Megan got a lady bug, and Brooke got a pink unicorn! I was pretty stressed trying to get these made before Christmas Eve! It was a big project! They really liked them though, so it made it all worth it!

The kids wanted a wii real bad for Christmas! Thank you Santa Claus!!!

We had to wake Bella up finally to open presents, and she was being so cute! She had thrown up during the night so I wasn't sure how she would feel Christmas morning, but she did just great! I thought these pictures of her were so funny! She is our little cheeser!

I know....I look absolutely horrible, but hey, it's Christmas morning! But just look at that beauty in my hands! I have been waiting for that baby for awhile! I am sooooo excited!!

Boyd made Micah an easel for Christmas, so maybe now Megan and Micah won't fight over hers constantly now!

We were suppose to go sleigh riding with some friends and our car battery was dead! Boyd was still at work, and I have no idea how to jump start it! The kids were so disappointed! Megan was so mad at me that she wouldn't even look at the camera....because after all it was my fault that the car wouldn't start!!!

The rest of the kids seem to think it was still fun though!

This is the giant snow man and snow cat the Boyd and the kids made on the first big snow we had of the winter! It was so big!


Shanna Browning said...

Looks like a fun Christmas at the Rowe house! I can't believe you made pillow pets. How in the world did you know how to do that? They turned out really cute! I guess you hogged all of the creativity in our family! :)

kristi said...

Yes, I agree you hogged all the creativity in our family! At least I didn't get any. I think you hogged all the ambition too! I'm feeling like a boring, dull Mom right now. We didn't do gingerbread houses or anything. I tell myself we were really busy with nutcracker. That and I have been having gallbladder issues and haven't felt very well. (We haven't even made a snowman yet!) Maybe next year I'll have to steal some ambition from you. Will you share?

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