Tuesday, December 7, 2010


This little stinker is now walking! We are so thrilled with the progress she has made! She seems to be doing really well, all except for her head size. I took her in for her 1 year the other day and the doctor said her head had grown too much again, so we have to go down to primary children's hospital next month for another MRI. Anyway, she is walking all over the house now, so we have to be very careful not to keep the bathroom door open. And my kids are horrible at this. Well, Micah used the toilet and plugged it, and left the lid up with the door open.....so, I find Bella in the bathroom, elbow deep in the toilet, playing in the poop and water! She put a piece of toilet paper up to her mouth when I was diving for her! So gross!!!! I was mortified! I was so upset about this. If there is anything in this world that grosses me out the most it is the toilet, and of course it had to have just gotten used! My poor little Bella had her first swim in the toilet.....grrrr Micah!!!!


Tiffani Tarbet said...

Nasty, I would have been puking. I don't deal with stuff like that very well! Cameron came and told John the other day that his elephant was pooping, and he went in the bathroom to find his stuffed elephant (a build-a-bear) stuffed completely into the toilet. Gross, there was no poop in there thank goodness :) What would we do without them?

kristi said...

Yuck Yuck Yuck. Poor Bella. She doesn't know the difference though. To her it was a fun water toy!

Anonymous said...

Oh that is awesome!

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