Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Birthday Girl!

I can't believe my little girl just turned 7! It is unbelievable to me...because it makes me feel old! We celebrated her birthday over 2 days. She had her friend birthday party on the 16th and her family birthday party on the 17th. We had a lot of fun...and I think she enjoyed it all! Although I think I could tame it down a little. I have a tendency of over doing birthdays, which drives Boyd crazy! I just really want to make good memories for my kids!


Alli said...

Sarah says, "Happy Birthday Megan!"

Tiffani Dawn Tarbet said...

Your cake turned out cute! I am glad we got to see Megers on her birthday, I can't believe she's 7 either. You are old!

Mosers said...

No's great that you are excited to make HER day something special! It's all about her and you should savor every moment she is happy and knows you do what you do because you love her!

Mosers said...

By the way is this Tiffani Dawn your sister... if so she just lives in shelly that's not to far from me! Tell her hi!

the nice one said...

what a cute cake!!

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