Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Scary pictures!!!

The other day Brooke came up to me with something behind her back and said, "Mom do you want to see the scariest picture in the whole wide world?"
Well, of coarse I was curious at what she had found. So I told her yes.

So are you ready to see the scariest picture in the whole wide world?

Hold your breath.....because it is scary

You might want to close any little one's eyes around....because this is scary


Here it is.....

Isn't that freaky?

Okay, so I laughed so hard!
I was expecting something a little scary!

And the funny thing about it is she really is scared of this picture!

As a matter of fact, as I was typing this post, Brooke came up to me and said,
"Mom, I don't like that picture....it is so freaky!"

She is so funny!!

Now you have seen the scariest picture in the whole wide world!!


Tonya said...

I love it! I will be really glad if that is the scariest picture I ever have to see!! Thanks for sharing.

kristi said...

Brooke never fails to make me laugh. Thanks for making my day Brooke!

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