Friday, November 19, 2010

Strep throat!

My kids are all sick!!!! Megan, Micah, and Brooke have strep throat, and Bella is sick as well, but she is too little to get strep I guess. Anyway, I had to post this picture of their antibiotics because I thought it was funny at how much we have! I hope this is the only time we get strep this winter!


Tiffani Tarbet said...

Ha, that looks familiar. I have two bottles in my fridge right now too because Cam had an ear infection. Hope your kids get better soon!

Jodi Mathews said...

Just so you know Bella isn't too little to get strep. My girls had it a couple of months ago. One Dr. I went to told me they were too little to get it, they told me it was a virus. They never got better, so I took them to a different Dr. and they tested them for strep and it was. I guess that most kids usually don't get it when they are little, but it can happen. Just thought I would let you know. :)

Tonya said...

Hope everyone is feeling better!

Emily Hubbad said...

Wow I hope everyone gets feeling better at your house. Having sick kids is no fun at all.

the nice one said...

i hope everyone is feeling better!

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