Thursday, November 19, 2009


Have you ever been truly exhausted? I feel like I can truly say that I am exhausted. Brooke was up all night throwing up. I was up changing bedding, bathing Brooke (because she kept throwing up all over herself), and feeding Bella all night! The most frustrating thing is I was so tired last night, I was hoping for a good night sleep! HA HA!! Today has been fun too! Brooke has been throwing up all morning, and is seriously sooo sick! She won't even sit up. I am so scared of Bella getting it. And I am sure Megan and Micah will be throwing up soon! Yah! I love the winter months and all the sicknesses that come with it! I am not in a great mood as you could probably tell! I am tired and cranky! Hopefully we will be all better by Thanksgiving!

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Tiffani Tarbet said...

Oh no! I hope Bella doesn't get it either! It is so hard to be up all night with sick kids, hopefully she will be better soon!

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