Monday, April 27, 2009

My first Albertsons trip

Well, this morning I went to Albertsons with my stack of coupons and list! I was really nervous, worrying that I would make a mistake....heaven forbid!! I was there for 2 hours, but I think it was worth it. I ended up spending $70 but saved over $150. I left with a lot of groceries too! I think I will learn more and more each time. The only mistake I know I made was on yoplait yogurt. I didn't get the right amount to get the special. You really have to watch it....they're tricky! Anyway, I was pretty proud over what I saved.


Tiffani Dawn Tarbet said...

Wow, I can't believe you saved over $150! That is pretty impressive. It's too bad I'm too lazy and I probably don't have the patience to do it, but kudos to you sis!

Anonymous said...


the nice one said...

yay!!! i've decided i have to go in with notes or i mess up. this week i got bisquick for 50 cents a box! awesome deal

Jenny said...

Way to go! I do the Walgreens thing, and it's pretty fun. I've been working this year on building a non-food supply without increasing our budget. There's something refreshing about saving money and getting things for free. But there are some weeks I have to take a break from it because it is time consuming trying to figure out the best deals. You really do have to be so organized, because it's like you said, they try to trick you. :)

Mosers said...

I have been doing couponing and I love it! You will spend less and less time as your storage grows and you learn more! I went last time and spent 23.00 on 110.00 worth of food! It is a great feeling!

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