Friday, November 7, 2008

update on the wallpaper feasco (I don't know how to spell)

Well, good news! The people who lived here before us put the wall paper directly onto the sheet rock, making it impossible to ever get it off. So I called Columbia paint yesterday, and they told me to prime over the wallpaper, then texture, then paint! I am so excited that I don't have to rip any paper off! I am sort of glad that the people here before us were lazy, it actually came in handy this time! Anyway, I have almost primed everything, and Boyd is going to texture tomorrow. So hopefully I can have it all painted by early next week. We will see, things never go as smoothly as expected, but we will see! I am so excited! (I get way too excited over dumb things, I know, but it sure makes it fun!)


Jason and Jessie said...

That is so good that you get to do that. I would love to re-do my house if it weren't already so darn cute when we moved in. We haven't changed much! I am totally like you though. I get way excited when it comes to crafts or just anything with my house. It must run in our blood!

Jeremy and Debbie said...

How exciting! Less work for an already busy mommy! I am sure it will be beautiful!

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