Thursday, November 6, 2008

Getting rid of my ugly wallpaper!

Well ,I have finally convinced my husband to redo our basement. It is covered in ugly wallpaper...curse the days of wallpaper. Anyway, I told him that I would do everything if he just textured the walls after I pull all the wallpaper off. Well, I tried to start yesterday, but it was not going as good as I planned. The people who put the wallpaper up, put it directly on the sheet rock, so it does not want to come off. I spent about an hour, scraping about a centimeter of paper off at a time! It is kind of funny I guess, since I have a ton more to do. I think I will go into a paint store and see what they have to suggest. If anyone has any suggestions, It would be very appreciated. Here is what I accomplished yesterday! I know it sucks, but I am still so excited to redo it! I have been wanting this done since we moved in!


Tiffani Dawn Tarbet said...

In our old house, John just took a squirt bottle with water and soaked it before he tore it off. He also said that there is something at Home Deopot you can buy to rub on it, (it is something that scuffs it up), and then wet it down and it should come right off. What color are you going to paint it?

Anonymous said...

Use water and Dif. I have the scuffer upper thing that perferates the paper. It helps a little bit. It is all a huge pain though!

Jenny said...

I don't have any ideas. I just wanted to say I'm sorry for the job you have ahead of you! :)

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