Sunday, June 12, 2011

Summer so far!

It has been awhile since I updated this blog! I find I have no time for this craft blog takes up all my blogging time...but I am trying to keep this blog up! I promise!

I decided to make a mega post! Through these pictures you will see what we have been up to this summer so far! Enjoy!

We have been doing a lot of this!! Bella could spend all day outside if I let her!

Preschool graduation!!
Brooke thrives in this type of situation....all eyes on her!!

The graduates!

I have been trying to do something fun and crafty with the kids once a day!
You can check out these projects over at my craft blog!!

We have been busy with soccer season! Megan really enjoys playing and it is fun to watch her!

I took the kids to McKee's and let them play in the play area for awhile! They had a lot of fun!

These were taken at Outer limits, the night of Megan's soccer party!
I enjoyed going in the big toy with Brooke and Bella! :)

I just had to add this picture because these little faces were too cute to pass up!!
What a cute face!!

The kids have loved painting on this little picnic table on the back porch.
That is okay, because it keeps the mess out of my house!

She is posing for my craft blog, I have been having so much fun making clothes for the kids...and myself!!

I made peanut butter playdough, and my kids LOVED it!

That's it folks!!

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