Tuesday, December 2, 2008

We are back!!!

Well, we have returned from the cruise! It was quite the adventure. We had so much fun. There is a whole new world out there. I haven't been one to travel a lot, so this was very knew to me. I couldn't believe some the way some people live. We really are fortunate to live in the United
States...but it sure is fun to visit other countries! We went to Tulum in Mexico, the Grand Cayman Islands, Roatan in Honduras, and Belize. They were all so beautiful! We really enjoyed it...but also we were glad to get home to the kids. We missed them so much! Here are just a few of the many pictures we took.

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Anonymous said...

SO PRETTY! I mean you of course Trina not Boyd! :) No the sunset picture is so pretty! It looked like a lot of fun!

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